Six types of pony you’ll find in every riding school

You're bound to find your fave pony in this list of six types of pony every riding school has – but which personality will he be? Read Article

Standing square

It can be tricky to ride a perfect square halt every time and you can easily lose marks in a dressage test for a bad halt. But don’t worry, read our guide and you’ll be a pro before you know it! Read Article

9 things your instructor always tells you

Not quite sure what your instructor means, or why you need to do it? PONY explains all! Read Article

It’s showtime!

Want to try your hand at showing, but not sure where to start? PONY is here to help Read Article

The importance of body language

Check out how your body language can affect how your pony learns Read Article

Teach yourself lateral work: more leg-yield tips!

Did you see our feature all about leg-yielding in September PONY magazine? We bring you some more top tips here. Read Article

Hot bloods, cold bloods and natives

Here are some pointers for you to discover the type of pony you ride or own, and how to get the most out of riding them. Read Article

Lateral learning

Check out top advice and tips from Pony European Dressage Champion, Phoebe Peters, for learning lateral work, or improving skills you already have! Phoebe explains how to get started with lateral work, with top tips for leg-yield, half-pass and shoulder-in. Read Article

Put it to the test

Struggle learning dressage tests? Check out PONY's quick tips here! Read Article

Whip your hands into shape!

Want to know how to instantly improve your hand position? Here’s how! Read Article

PONY’s top showing tips!

Here are some ideas to help you perform a brilliant individual show – both in the saddle, on in hand, and some general tips for success in the show ring. Read Article

Game on!

Here are some brilliant ideas on how to reign supreme at games this summer, with top tips from mounted games experts Ben and Eleanor! Read Article

Let’s go sideways!

Here are some tips to help you with lateral work and some problem-busting ideas, too! Read Article

Riding school pony problems

If you get frustrated when the pony you ride doesn’t do as you ask, make sure to read this! We tackle common problems – starting with ponies who cut the corners in the school. Read Article

Why a good lower leg position is important

Want the perfect lower leg position? Follow our guide to find out how! Read Article

Dressage tips

Are you a dressage lover? Read Lorraine Jennings' ideas on dressage classes and how to make the most of them! Read Article

Lunge Lessons – a great way to improve your riding

Lunge lessons are a great way to really improve your riding. We give some top tips and problem-busting ideas. Read Article

Badly behaved pony? Read this!

Team PONY give you some great ideas for helping turn your difficult pony into an angel! Read Article

Top 5 tips for luvverly legs!

Here are some ideas to help your legs get sorted when in the saddle! Read Article

Mounted Games explained!

Insider info on the mounted games you HAVE to try! Read Article

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