Condition score your pony

It’s important to keep your pony’s weight under control so he stays trim and healthy. Condition scoring looks at the whole of your pony’s body rather than just how he stores fat around his ribs, so it’s more accurate than just using a weightape. Download your chart here. Read Article

The importance of body language

Check out how your body language can affect how your pony learns Read Article

And stretch!

Just like human athletes stretch before a work-out, your pony can benefit from loosening up his muscles before a ride, too, especially if he’s a golden oldie! Try these cool carrot stretches! Read Article

Watch your pony’s waistline

Download your very own PONY condition scoring chart and you can monitor your pony's weight and give him a fitness plan that will help shed his winter weight! Read Article

Hoof care for hard ground

Hard ground means you need to look after your fave pony's hooves carefully, to make sure he stays happy and comfy. Read Article

Water – how important is it for your horse?

Water is the most important nutrient for ponies, as over 50% of their bodyweight is made up of water (in body fluids and tissues)... Read Article

Caring for your veteran pony

There are lots of things you can do to help your pony along in the ageing process... Read Article

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