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PONY needs YOU! Simply fill in our pony care survey, and you could win one of five gorgeous Gatehouse Jeunesse riding hats!

The new Gatehouse Jeunesse has been designed especially with the young rider in mind. Conforming to...more

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Top pony care!

Ever wish you could be with your fave pony 24/7? Err, totally! But did you know that understanding what he does when you’re not there will help you bond with him and improve his quality of life?

We love spending time with our ponies and riding them, but it can be easy to forget what they do during...more

Top pony care!

We groom ponies to keep them looking tidy and super-smart, and to help maintain the health of their skin and coat. Follow our guide to perfect grooming to make sure your fave pony outshines his pals!

You need...  ...a body brush to remove dirt, dust and scurf from his coat. ...a dandy brush...more

Top pony schooling

Check out top tips and jumping secrets from eventing legend and Rolex Grand Slam winner, Pippa Funnell!

Our expert Pippa Funnell is an international eventer who's won two team silver and one individual...more

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Send stuff for Pony think tank, Help! Shout out, you solve it, perfect pets and fess ups! more

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Web extras

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Extra bits, more info, downloads and top secret stuff. You gotta get PONY to get it, get it? more

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