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PONY: The Annual 2011

It's finally here!

It's arrived! Yup, PONY: The Annual 2011 has officially landed!

...well almost. Team PONY has finally finished slaving away on the brand new 2011 Annual and now we're just waiting for the first copies to land at PONY HQ! Pre-order PONY: The Annual 2011 now!


PONY: The Annual doesn't get magically created just anywhere, you know. If it's good enough for pizza it's good enough for PONY, so we sent biggest and best Annual of its kind to be hand-crafted in Italy!

And it won't be long until a nice Italian man drives miles and miles (and miles) across land and sea, to make sure your 2011 PONY Annual arrives with you in pristine condition.

To make sure you don't miss out on PONY's best Annual yet, buy your copy right now! Pre-order PONY: The Annual 2011 now!

What's inside, then?

We've packed in 100 pages of colourful, brand new PONY material, with loads of pics and all those horsey photos you love! Including...

* How to have the horsiest year ever
* Weird and wonderful horsey facts
* Big and beautiful heavy horses
* Gymnastics on horseback
* Understanding PONY speak
* "Stranded in the snow" - real life story!
* Mythological horses
* Confidence coaching Pre-order PONY: The Annual 2011 now!



Pre-order PONY: The Annual 2011 now!

Pre-order PONY: The Annual 2011 now!



...WOW! What are you waiting for? Get your PONY annual now!


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